Saturday, December 25, 2010

101: Some updates

There are a lot of items on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days that I can't do because of my temporary move. But there a few items that I worked on before leaving California and a few I can do here.

Here are some things I've done (some are partially finished):

- visit my family again (visited them in late spring)
- get a job that I like (I have an interesting job working at a German store in the area, I'm learning a lot of new things there and obviously enjoying the products as well).
- get all the junk out of the second bedroom (got all the fish tanks and supplies out before we left, there are only some items left in the closet)
- Read at least one of my books that are written in German (Goliaths Falle: Israelis und Palaestinenser im Wuergegriff)
- sell large fishtank (I was actually able to sell it, I'm so glad since it was basically new, just dusty from storage)
- sell and donate other things that I/we don't need (We sold and mostly donated many (many items went to the new thrift store of Lake Avenue Church), but there are still items left to sort through)
- sort LAC notes (throw those out I don't need anymore etc.) (threw out a lot of them, but not finished with the process)
- light a candle and enjoy (we just did that yesterday and today for Christmas)
- find out about old pen pals if they are still interested in corresponding (figured out that most of them wouldn't continue)
- organize my art and craft supplies (partially done)
- blog there regularly (even without doing a plan, I figured that I wanted to blog about the books I read this year, so I'm using this blog mostly for that purpose at the moment.)


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