Friday, January 08, 2010

Organizations that support fair trade and work against injustice

I was just looking up the sites of these organizations so I thought I'd put them here as well, very useful:


STOP THE TRAFFIK is a growing global movement of individuals, communities and organisations fighting to PREVENT the sale of people, PROTECT the trafficked and PROSECUTE the traffickers. For example, they do campaigns for fair trade chocolate.

Oasis Global (The global Website for Oasis)

Oasis USA

Oasis is a Christian organization working against injustice by encouraging Fair Trade etc.

Oxfam International

Oganization that works to end poverty and injustice. They also have stores in some places (I visited one in Australia) where you can buy fairly traded items and get information about Oxfam.

Ten Thousand Villages

Fair Trade stores - including an online store. (There's one of their stores in my neighborhood.)

The Hunger Site - Fair Trade items

One of the categories in the Hunger Site online store is Fair Trade. With each purchase you also contribute food for people who can't afford it. The other affiliated sites have a Fair Trade section as well, in case you prefer to contribute to something else, such as Animal Rescue.