Sunday, January 01, 2012

Last update for my old list of 101 things to do in 1001 days

Overall, it looks like I achieved about 30 of my 101 goals (a few only partially). There were a lot that I couldn't work on anymore after moving from California to Virginia. They were tied to the place in some way (near L.A., I still have the supplies in California, etc.).

Here's a last update:

I started this one right after the 1001 days were over:
- Read the Bible again (The Message translation)

The following I didn't keep really good track of, but I released a lot of books, so I think I accomplished them, at least I'm satisfied with how well I did with them:
- release one book on bookcrossing on average every month (controlled releases count; overlaps with the next two items)
- read and release some (at least 3) of my general bookcrossing books
- read and release (maybe as ray or bookring) some (at least 3) of my Christian books

I joined a women's group shortly after moving to Virginia and also was part of another small group for a while, so this was accomplished:
- join a small group

I made a few and have a nice template I can use in the future:
- make envelopes by hand

I went to see the July 4 fireworks at the National Mall in 2011:
- enjoy some nearby fireworks

We started the process shortly after my 1001 days were over:
- figure out whether to become US citizens or not and start the process

Well, we moved, so of course we added some pages about sightseeing and such at the new place:
- add more useful pages to the wiki

I visited the National Book Festival in D.C. instead, but I'm still planning to do this one when I get back to L.A.:
- visit Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (April)

I definitely had some new experiences after moving away from California for a while. I had to trust that I would find a good church here and I did. I've learned a lot at my job at the German Gourmet. I've learned a lot by being part of the women's group...
- For what has God made me? (main purpose(s) at this time in my life)

I reminded myself a lot of this important item:
- in everything, remember that God is in control of everything