Friday, January 13, 2012

101 things to do in 1001 days, starting January 15, 2012

Here is my new list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, starting January 15, 2012, and ending October 13, 2014. I also posted the list on the Day Zero Project site, but this list right here has a few more details:

  1. - Finish reading the Bible again (The Message translation)
  2. - Learn some Spanish (probably with the CD course I bought)
  3. - update travel logs of ToyVoyagers with pictures and stories from D.C. area
  4. - put my best pictures of D.C. area on Flickr
  5. - Donate at least once a month while I have my own income
  6. - go through the old notes I did when a student and re-evaluate what to keep
  7. - go through the old conference proceedings and similar items and re-evaluate what to keep
  8. - consolidate mailing supplies to one small closet or less
  9. - keep winter clothes/items in a box out of the way because they’re not needed in Southern California (keeping only important items which should be easier to figure out after the two winters in Virginia)
  10. - give away books that I can easily get from the library or online and are not my most important ones to read or keep
  11. - make scrapbook for my nephew
  12. - organize my art and craft supplies
  13. - get a shoe rack
  14. - Get furniture for the bedroom (bed, dressers)
  15. - volunteer regularly (e.g. at Ten Thousand Villages or the thrift store) at least until I get a job again
  16. - make my desk a real workspace
  17. - lose weight (preferably 50-60 lb)
  18. - exercise more regularly
  19. - reach 1000 sent and 1000 received cards in postcrossing
  20. - finish my state quarters collection and the one for my dad
  21. - update my braces blog with after photos and facts
  22. - sort LAC notes (I can probably throw out most of the remaining ones and just keep a few)
  23. - Set up the second bedroom for crafts etc.
  24. - Store/display my notebooks in a way that makes is easy to pick up and enjoy them
  25. - Put fresh items in earthquake kit
  26. - Get all my postcards in order
  27. - Get rid of many T-shirts, only keeping those we love most
  28. - Use a few discarded T-shirts for T-shirt yarn or other projects
  29. - Organize the job search advice that I have at hand so that I can easily reference it (sort job search related notes and throw out things that are not important anymore at the same time)
  30. - finish the Israel scrapbook
  31. - Scan all my received Postcrossing cards
  32. - Scan all my Moomin postcards
  33. - Make a Washington D.C. scrapbook
  34. - sort my old memorabilia from vacations etc. to keep only what I may really need for scrapbooks
  35. - Make scrapbooks from old memorabilia (after sorting I’ll know how much there is to do/ how many there are) (Australia, old vacations, other)
  36. - Add my other visits to the German scrapbook I already started
  37. - Make a Los Angeles and Pasadena scrapbook
  38. - Visit the Postcrossing Meeting in Bielefeld
  39. - Visit my family again
  40. - Play my cello
  41. - Play my trumpet
  42. - Learn the basics of playing the harmonica
  43. - Try out other little instruments
  44. - Visit the Grand Canyon
  45. - Ride a bike
  46. - Send 12 postcards to my nephew
  47. - Learn to soak stamps to separate them from the paper
  48. - Learn to use the GIMP
  49. - Install Linux on my laptop
  50. - Keep a journal of food/health tips and info
  51. - Be a volunteer for World Book Night USA in 2013
  52. - Go Geocaching
  53. - Do something useful with all the notes I took in D.C.
  54. - Get a job that I like near Pasadena
  55. - Join a small group in Pasadena
  56. - Make nice backups of all online photos (include a simple index)
  57. - Make a mini earthquake kit to take around anywhere
  58. - Release at least one book on Bookcrossing every month (controlled releases count)
  59. - Figure out a fast that works for me and do it
  60. - Learn how to crochet (reading patterns!)
  61. - Learn how to knit (reading patterns!)
  62. - Run a 5k
  63. - Try all the different kinds of pens, pencils, and markers I have
  64. - Write down old memories
  65. - Select 6 special small images for my desktop frame
  66. - Grow something edible (e.g. indoor herb garden)
  67. - Learn to prepare and paint metal and paint at least one metal tin
  68. - Find a process that works for recycling
  69. - Organize my favorites/bookmarks online (including blog subscriptions etc.)
  70. - Figure out the old sewing machine
  71. - Bring choir CDs and music in order
  72. - Find if there's a nice guided tour for Pasadena and do it (if there isn't one, find out about self-guided tours)
  73. - Walk Arroyo Seco trail (especially the restored section...)
  74. - Visit Pasadena City Hall
  75. - Learn to knot (hemp/floss) bracelets e.g. How to make a Friendship Bracelet
  76. - Make some jewelery
  77. - Sell something on Etsy
  78. - Bring my collection of stamps in order
  79. - Put my small souvenir sheet collection in a nice album
  80. - Knit or crochet for a project that helps children (hat?)
  81. - Find what a good black artist marker/pen is that is not water-soluble and get one
  82. - Collect info for Los Angeles Citybook
  83. - Get all my small items that don’t seem to belong anywhere in order
  84. - Try keeping a mini moss terrarium
  85. - Write Christmas cards to family and friends each year
  86. - Read at least three of my books that are written in German
  87. - Read at least three of my Christian books
  88. - Release on Bookcrossing (maybe as ray or bookring or in a book box) at least three of my Christian books
  89. - Visit Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (April 2013?)
  90. - Make a list of what other scrapbooks I should do
  91. - Make at least one of these scrapbooks
  92. - Re-evaluate my blogs
  93. - Blog regularly (once a month or more) on my Joyful Song blog
  94. - Freecycle some more items in Pasadena
  95. - Get more educated about fair trade and then buy accordingly
  96. - Go swimming in the pool
  97. - Listen to 10 audio books
  98. - Reorganize the kitchen cabinets, throwing out dingy and unused items
  99. - Do a deep cleaning of every room in the apartment
  100. - Fold 50 envelopes (5/50)
  101. - Read 50 of the books I already own


Hugo said...

I admire your positive attitude:)

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Anyway I think that you would enjoy participating in the early discussions of this phenomenon.

Many thanks, and keep up the good blogging:)

Sam said...

Good luck with your venture! This is kind of a bucket list but hopefully you don't kick the bucket.

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