Saturday, January 15, 2011

Furniture History

A while after one of my husband's colleagues had moved away, we came across his blog. He had given away most of his furniture, we were the lucky recipients of several pieces. It's fun to see their earlier history, he mentions when he acquired some of the pieces in 2007.

His “card” table with two regular fold-out chairs is now our kitchen table and chairs, fits right in next to the fridge.

His regular floor lamp that he mentions in his post is probably one of the nifty floor lamps that we got from him, both have a little "table" around the middle, very convenient. We use one in the living room by the futon sofa and one in the bedroom as a night table and lamp for my bed.

The regular chair for the balcony is probably the one that's now our chair on the back porch.

We also received some other furniture that isn't mentioned in this post, maybe he acquired that later...

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