Saturday, July 08, 2006

Huntington Botanical Gardens

After living in Pasadena for almost three years, we finally made it to the Huntington today. Because they close so early - 4:30 - we had just one and a half hours to have a look around. It's very nice there. I wonder why we didn't go earlier. (The Arboretum in Arrcadia is very nice too, though, but not as close to home)

I really liked the desert garden. I think I've always liked cacti. Even as a child, I had a collection of little cacti and succulents on my window sill.
And I had a chance to observe the butterflies - if I find a picture, I'll know what they are.


Amy said...

Hey there! This is Amy (Aimzy) from PostCrossing :) I've lived in Sierra Madre and now Pasadena all of my life, and I haven't been to the Huntington in YEARS. Maybe 10 years? I love the Arboretum though :) I'm a member and a go there just about every Sunday. It's a beautiful place to take pictures.

robotmadder said...

I love the Huntington! If only it were not so expensive!