Saturday, November 12, 2005

Review: The Bible or the Axe

Disclaimer: The Bible or the Axe by William O. Levi as told by A.F. Chai was given to me through Mind & Media as a gift for the purpose of review.

I'm so glad I got this book to review.
This is a wonderful book. I love the style of story telling, the way the author describes his personal experiences. The book reads like a novel, but is an autobiography packed with information. After each chapter, I wanted to read more. Only put it down because I had to go to work and to sleep, but kept reading whenever I got a break.

This book is about much more than the persecution of Christians in Sudan. I liked the background of Sudan's history from William's point of view. He really brings to life the value of an education, and his passionate desire to get one. William wanted and needed to get an education to be able to help his people in the Sudan. He shows compassion instead of anger to people who may be his enemies. At one time, he is even tortured, but he continues on his path. Reading about the many ways God teaches William to rely solely on Him can teach and motivate us to do the same.

Here's a quote from the book which is William's father's advice to his son: "You will always be with your family, because your family is the Body of Christ. Wherever you go, find your family first."

I would definitely recommend this book.

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